Cutting-Edge Manufacturing Technology With The Highest Quality Raw Materials

Our dedication to service is the driving force that has enabled us to remain at the top as the company of choice for firms in the petrochemicals and allied industries over a period exceeding 40 years. Our equipment are manufactured with the client in mind and each final product that comes out of our equipment manufacturing plant is the result of meticulous attention to planning and design. Our investment in the business couples the use of cutting-edge manufacturing technology with the highest quality raw materials. We have a team of dedicated professionals who have been with us for more than 20 years and have always come up with revolutionary ideas in the design and manufacture of equipment. Visit goldline international to learn more about our equipment and services.

All our products have to be tested and referenced against the standards set by legal and professional regulations. The Occupational Safety and Health Act is the reference point in law and our clients have a definite advantage because all our products have qualities that far outweigh those provided for under the threshold set by OSHA. We understand the fact that security and health cannot be compromised at any cost and that’s why all our equipment are designed to not only withstand the wear and tear that comes with handling of the chemicals that are as hazardous as petrochemicals and related products. Our products come in different designs in accordance with each client’s needs.

The products that we manufacture include pipe bridges, safety cages, safe walks, gallows, loading racks and mobile racks. All these products can be viewed and ordered for online. We are the company of choice for companies that are keen on doing business with speed and efficiency. Our clients can attest to the fact that we always deliver on our promise. For each order that we receive, we always act fast to ensure that the equipment is delivered in time and without giving lame excuses.

It gets even better because each order is accompanied with a one year warranty to cover any mishaps that may happen accidentally. However, as it has been our tradition, you can be sure that our equipment will serve you for several years without the need to do any replacements. We also have useful support services including AutoCAD design and provision of consultancy and advisory services with regards to compliance to the regulations set by the law.